Nova Laboratories

Nova Laboratories, is one of the earlier domestic companies to produce medical sodium hyaluronate gel.As the provider of medical and beauty solutions, the company provides a more secure solution and service for the medical and beauty industry, to help our customers achieving beautiful wishes. Being sold in more than 9 countries, FILACID is highly recommended by customers.

FILACID hyaluronic acid dermal filler made in Canada,Halifax. It is a biodegradable gel made of non-animal cross-linked hyaluronic acid. They offer a complete solution for treating facial lines, wrinkles, and lips to create a natural-looking result. It can also be used in facial sculpting and body reshaping.

Our Advantages

1. International standard hardware and facilities.

2. European CE & ISO.

3. High-quality products.

4. Focus on the development of medical and beauty products, use continuous innovative technology to promote the healthy development of human society.

About Filacid®

-FILACID® is a hight quality Dermal filler.It is one of the first to have a spatial ordering of molecules of hyaluronic acid with a 4D-matrix technology.Therefore, Filacid not just removes skin defects (3D-matrix mechanism) but also allows to resist compression load (effect of “spring”, 4D-matrix), which, in turn, results in greater facial tissues lifting.

-FILACID®showed its effectiveness and safety, proved by a series of comparative clinical studies as it showed a very low risk of infection, extrusion, migration or granulomatous formation.