Filacid Safety And Effectiveness

FILACID®showed its effectiveness and safety, proved by a series of comparative clinical studies as it showed a very low risk of infection, extrusion, migration or granulomatous formation.



Clinical studies of the medical product FILACID® Deep have proven their effectiveness and safety for nasolabial folds and lips correction.

Participants of the study

66 participants scored 3 or 4 points by GAIS Scale . Target: eliminate nasolabial folds.​


Arbitrary sampling; diversified blind study.

Control of efficiency and safety of comparing with Restylane® (Q Med, Sweden).


Clinical studies have confirmed that FILACID is a safe and efficient medical product for nasolabial folds correction,lip filling and face contouring.

* FAS = a set of data for a full analysis; ** GAIS ** Global Aesthetic Improvement Scale

Filacid volume on microscope